History of our Church

On June 6, 2004, an assembly of people gathered together from Underwood Grove Baptist Church to establish a new church in the community. The meeting was held in the auditorium of Cumberland Gap High School. After an altar prayer, one of the youth suggested the name New Beginning for this church. Everyone present was in agreement. From June until August, Sunday church services were held in the high school auditorium. After school started, we moved our fellowship to Duke Hall on the campus of Lincoln Memorial University. We also used the Baptist Student Center for Wednesday night youth services and the Turner Room in the Tex Turner Arena for meetings or meals. Member homes were also sometimes used for services. The truly amazing thing is that we started with no physical assets and were blessed to not have to pay rent on any of the facilities that we used. This allowed us to put all of the money that God blessed us with toward property and building plans. On nice days, we actually met in lawn chairs under the only tree on our current property. Once the concrete was poured, we began to meet on the foundation of what would become our multi-purpose building. Also in 2004, we were gifted with a small bus which started our bus ministry. The bus ministry continues to be a strong part of the work of New Beginning. On Sunday, June 27, 2004, 70 people signed to be charter members, and Donnie Bannister was elected as pastor. As a new church plant, our host church was Tazewell Baptist Church. We were blessed by the guidance and prayerful support that they provided. They also allowed us the use of their baptistery. Baptisms have been held at the river and at many churches in the area.

New Beginning Baptist Church was a vision that God gave to some members of the community. Although many of the original members came from Underwood Grove, several came from other areas. New Beginning met (and continues to meet) a need in the community. Our bus ministry is thriving and our Wednesday evening service has expanded to include between 75-100 youth each night and a meal is provided for them. An adult class is also offered. In addition, the Bridge Builders are active on this night. Bridge Builders meet physical needs within the community–from mowing yards for the elderly or widowed to repairing leaks or mending broken pipes. We continue to see the need to minister to others first. Another active group in the church is our Men of Conviction. These men of our church unite to study God’s Word and support one another (and others). At New Beginning we have found that accountability is an important facet and we do believe in providing support for one another, but also discipline when needed.

In 2013, the church voted to begin a Christian school, New Beginning Christian Academy, as a ministry of the church. We began our first year with five students enrolled in grades K4 through 3rd grade. The vision of New Beginning Christian Academy is to be a place of academic learning which will produce high quality Christians and scholars who are prepared to face the challenges of the secular world. We will promote character through Biblical standards and will maintain high quality teachers and education professionals. We will develop individuals of character who can overcome future obstacles in life and also be leaders able to solve problems facing our nation and world.

Our mission at New Beginning Baptist Church: We are commissioned by God to reach the lost and strengthen the saints by Loving, Learning, and Living the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. New Beginning Baptist Church is Christ’s Body in a local Church. You are invited to attend any of our services or community events. If you have questions about our church, please call the church office at 423-869-7378.

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